Made in Group announces sponsorship of up-and-coming Go-Karting talent

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The Made in Group is proud to announce that they are going to be sponsoring up-and-coming Go-Karting talent, Freddie Housley, 10, as he enters the 2020 season.

This news comes after Freddie, son of Fastlok Engineering managing director Dave Housley, recently headed to Salbris, in the Loir Valley of France between the 28th of August and the 1st of September, to compete in the 2019 European championships.

Freddie has talent, with him coming at the top the timesheets by the end of the first unofficial practice day. The good form shown over the 4-day event in France continued into the official practice, where he was posted in the top 10 lap times in every session which was encouraging. Despite normally posting from 25th to 20th at this stage, he managed to achieve 18th, which was his highest qualifying position so far in the European Championships!

After completing 3 laps, of the 8 lap race, he managed to get up to 12th position, a place where he was lapping as fast as the leaders. However, at this point, another kart moved into his path on a 60mph straight. The incident resulted in Freddie running up this other carts back wheel, which catapulted him into the air, throwing him from the kart.

Luckily, after a quick trip to the hospital, he walked out with a bruised knee and grazed head, with his suit ripped to bits. To everyone's shock, Freddie then announced a few hours later that he wanted to try practice the next day, something which shocked everyone! As Freddie hadn’t done the qualifying heats in the previous day due to the incident, he started at the back, but to everyone’s surprise, he came through the field to finish 15th which was his highest finish of the European championships in 2019!!!!

Charles Addison, the Deputy CEO of Made in the Midlands said that "The Made in Group was delighted to be able to support the next generation of the Made in the Midlands family by sponsoring Fastlok Engineering's MDs son Freddie in his bid to make the 2020 European championships. It's great to see young people with so much drive and we look forward to seeing Freddie's progress, as he is only ten who knows he could be the next Lewis Hamilton!"

His father Dave said that with the sponsorship, they hope to increase the budget to, "keep him at the top of his game and fund new equipment as he wrote everything off in France."

If you, or your company, would like to sponsor Freddie's journey, then get in contact with [email protected] and we'll put you in contact with Dave Housley.


We’re glad to report that Freddie has received a wild card entry for The ROK World Finals in Lonato  Italy 8-12th October

Dave Housley gave us an update saying that “This will be a totally different challenge for him as ROK is an engine he has never even seen let alone race. It will be on a different tyre, that again that he has never tried so coupled with the fact that it’s occurring on a track we have never visited and against a huge number of 135 entries in his class from all over the world I think we can safely say it will be a challenge!